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How it works

Organizing a cargo transportation takes only 3 steps.
1. Create a transport request

Enter the details of your transport request and invite your trusted suppliers.

2. Carriers submit their price offers

Collect all the offers from your carriers at one place for an easy comparison.

3. Choose the best offer

Pick the most suitable transport possibility based on your criteria.

What our customers need


A software designed to simplify your transport procurement process

Transportly Bidding System helps you speed up the transportation management process by eliminating redundant steps while processing your orders. During the development, we focused on designing a user-friendly interface with the goal of saving you as much time as possible when organizing transportation compared to a traditional method of sourcing transportation quotes from carriers via email.


Centralize all your carriers in one digital space

With Transportly Bidding System, all the communication with your carriers takes place in one digital space. Right there, you are able to send and receive all the messages, transportation quotes, about organizing your next cargo shipment.


Speed up your workflow

Share the information gathered by Transportly Bidding System with your colleagues. All you need and want to share is always in a secured digital space. Keep your data protected by using a cloud solution for transport procurement and take a leverage of suppliers directory.


Do not waste a single minute

Transportly Bidding System offers you a digital comparison of multiple transportation quotes at once. Within a second, you will receive more possible transport solutions and you are able to compare the carriers and their offers based on your criteria, such as price, time of the delivery and much more.



On spot transport procurement was never easier

Transportly Bidding System saves you money, time, and your worries.

Easy and fast
Easy and fast

Designed to simplify your transport procurement process

Easy and fast
Smarter choices

Helps you pick the right carrier based on your criteria

Easy and fast
Direct communication

Eliminates all the unnecessary email communication with carriers

Easy and fast
Higher savings

Creates a healthy competitive environment for carriers


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Who we are

The Transportly Bidding System team specializes in creating digital solutions and innovations in the transportation business to make the transportation management even more efficient.

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